PFP Ireland is a specialist in the implementation of passive structural fire protection for steel.

The latest generation of intumescent coatings provide up to 120 minutes of passive structural fire protection, insulating steel structures from the high temperatures which can be generated in fire.

Our end-to-end service for structural fire protection supports customers from initial specification through to project certification.

Features include:

  • Identify the most appropriate solution for your project, with specifications to meet architect’s requirements.
  • Provide written confirmation of compatibility of structural steel’s existing primer with intumescent.
  • Provide tables showing coating thickness requirements for your project.
  • Cost these tables for accurate project budgeting.
  • Supply and install intumescent basecoat to meet project requirements.
  • Inspect and certify upon completion.

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Approved Installers

PFP Ireland works with the leading world’s leading installers for passive fire protection.

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PFP Assure

How We Work

PFP Ireland provides a uniquely comprehensive supply, installation, inspection and certification package for passive fire protection – PFP Assure.

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